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It’s so funny to be in the room before I go into an audition. If any artist is reading this you may know exactly what I am talking about. First, you get the audition notice. You feel that rush of excitement and a little bit of fear. You sit there thinking of what you have prepared for the auditions….What monologues will really show the casting director what I have to offer? What song will really show the range of my voice and that I can sing?? Should I accompany myself or should I bring in sheet music and risk having a different feeling to the music than what I’m used to???? Who is the casting director??!?!?! DO I KNOW THEM?!???!!!! DO THEY KNOW SOMEONE I KNOW?!!!! OH NO!!!!!

hahaha here is your answer. TRUST YOURSELF!

There is one thing I have learned from being an actor and going to numerous auditions for various commercials, television shows, feature films and broadway tours; it’s to just RELAX! We have nothing to stress about. SERIOUSLY. You may be reading this and say “you are such a liar. There is so much to stress about, I have the casting director, the television show, my reputation, my family, my parents, my grandparents….breath….relax…the only thing that matters in this room is Y.O.U.

I do agree that you do have a reputation you want to uphold but the best way to recover from a bad audition is to show growth to your next one. You WILL have the chance to audition for those casting directors again and show improvement. Show them what you have learned. One of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past 2 weeks and from a seminar I went to called 99 Actors Day 2.0 was that Casting Directors want to see what you have learned. That you continue to grow and continue your education as an actor. We are all athlete’s, take the training as a chance to grow and learn. 

It doesn’t have to be just classes though. You can learn from so many other aspects in life. Allow your friends and family to have their say. They have the best advice when it comes to “slowing down.” After all, they do know you the best. So listen to them. Take a breath before you go into your next audition. You are INVITED to be there. It is about YOU. Breath. Relax. Now Audition.

"Don’t let PERFECTION be the enemy of good"

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being you. :)

Divided Sates of America

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written on this account but it is something that I am looking to change in the next couple of weeks here. I am hoping to post something at least once a week so if you want updates on when I will be posting in a certain week make sure to follow me on Twitter at 

So let’s get to the point shall we. It has been an interesting 48 hours for me. To say the least in the last 2 days I’ve gotten only 5 hours of sleep and witnessed another intense election night. Talk about a flood of emotions am I right? So listening to NPR, my new addiction this week, they are talking all about how the election was divided up, men vs. women, gay vs. straight, black vs. white, Spanish speaking vs. well everyone, the list goes on. Anyway, something very interesting came to my while reading the HORRENDOUS amount of Facebook posts this evening about the election and my extreme sense of my emotions because of my lack of sleep. We as a country and society are so divided in EVERYTHING. It’s terribly staggering when you really think about it.

I don’t know why but this division always seems to come up during election time. I have had friends tell me “I told people that if they are gonna vote for *BEEP* to delete me as a friend. I don’t need them in my life.” Which to me is incredible. What happened to the golden rule? Thats my question. I mean seriously, does that whole idea go out the window at election time? Do people not have the ability anymore to listen or support each other or are people just looking at their phones trying to figure out who is gonna text them next? 

People would ask me all the time what my political views are and here is my response. “If you know me and where I am in my journey through life, then you know my views.” It’s true.

"Who you vote for is your business. No one elses" -My Beautiful Mother

I could care less who you say you are going to vote for. The only time I will give you a fight is if I feel you are not showing me a fully educated vote. Be educated.

Ok let’s bring it back to the point. Division. Does this make me divided from others? Absolutely. Everyone feels that they need to post their views on facebook every ten seconds throughout the election period. Now it’s even true after the election period. Here is what I have to say to all those people who keep posting status after status, update after update, “HAHA WE WON! TAKE THAT REPUBLICANS!” (there are alot of ways to post that) you are no better than the bully in school that made you feel insignificant in your life. Harsh? GOOD! 

Why do we always have to be so divided on things? Aren’t people allowed to have an opinion? I believe so. They can do it without bringing people down though. I know I just called everyone who is posted right now a bully but seriously, that’s what it feels like. That’s a WHOLE other post I could write about bullying. Seriously though, no one likes a bully. And no one likes people who are always negative.

Barak Obama is our president. It’s a fact. How about…maybe for one little thing that people can find to support him on…we join hands and do that. If we can’t join hands join a pinky finger. Stop being so negative about it. That goes for both sides. Appreciate the little things that you do today that made you feel so accomplished. Complimented someone, you got complimented, you ate a healthy meal, whatever it is remember how good that feels. Now do it. Support our country. Support US. Not just you and me but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .

Maybe…just maybe then I’ll hear a a radio broadcast online about how people are working together to help make our country a better place for all. 

That’s something I would love to hear in the morning.

Tear down the wall!!!!  (Taken with instagram)

Tear down the wall!!!! (Taken with instagram)

Truth!!!! (Taken with instagram)

Truth!!!! (Taken with instagram)

Walkin it out!!! Arthritis walk 2012 SM Pier!! (Taken with instagram)

Walkin it out!!! Arthritis walk 2012 SM Pier!! (Taken with instagram)

X2 Yoga Balance and Power and Pictures

So it has been a few days since I did a post but I wanted to catch everyone up.

When I did X2 This week I did it with a great friend of mine Kat O’neil. I went over to her house and we did the entire video. It was INTENSE! Even two weeks in I have seen incredible improvement. I was able to hold a full crane for the entire time for the first round…aka right leg…but then fell out safely during the second round…left leg. In the first week I had to hold crane with one toe on the ground and was loosing my balance throughout the entire pose. This week I was in full crane and was much more sturdy within the pose. I lost my balance a little bit but didn’t fall out of the pose until the second round/left leg of the workout. Awesome. I’m getting closer to my goals and I am feeling so much stronger within every pose. Able to get lower into the warriors along with really being able to stretch myself out throughout the workout.

Balance and power was a great workout again this week. Using the combination of dumbells and bands I increased all my reps throughout the workout keeping up with my goals of improving throughout the entire two weeks. It really feels amazing to be able to start keeping up with the video in just two weeks. 

Here is a photo of my transformation within the 2 weeks. Day 1 and Day 15. Normally people take photos on day 1, 30, 60 and 90 but i have found I have more success and am able to stick with the workouts when I do every 15 days like I would within the Insanity workouts. 

Find the workout that works for you! It may not be p90X but Beachbody offers so many programs that can help you reach your goals!

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Day 1 to Day 15 A little bit of difference in just 15 days!! WOOT WOOT! Loving it!

Day 1 to Day 15 A little bit of difference in just 15 days!! WOOT WOOT! Loving it!

I love this song! 

Day 11 Total Body and Ab Ripper X2

This weeks Total body was AMAZING! Man I am so tired and worn out but I feel great and I know I improved from last week. I pushed myself so hard in the first round of this thing and the second round I really began to struggle but I finished it. I reached all my goals when it came to numbers and increased resistance on all my lifting. I use bands that is why I say i increased resistance. It is amazing the feeling of accomplishment when you go into a workout and know it is going to be hard and you push yourself so hard that at the end you slowly walk away from it breathing hard and saying “Holy S&%# I worked that out!”

Now that I am in the second week of this program I am beginning to set my goals for the end of the program within each workout. For example, in X2 Yoga I want to be able to do a split and do whatever the hell that move is that Tony does from crane. In this workout I want to be able to do 31 Bouncy Stability ball Push ups. Jeremy Yost is the one that gave me that goal. Doing 30 in the second round of this workout. I want to be able to do that. Gotta reach for the stars ya know!

Ab Ripper X2 is a brutal one! Just like ab ripper from the original P90X it really works your and works your core. This is only the second time I have done it and man I have improved since the last time but still I struggled with some of the moves. I feel my form falling out but I also feel my core getting so much stronger! When my form does fall out a little bit I stop, hit the pause button, breather, press play and continue. Don’t sacrafice form for reps that only ends in bad things, like pulling a muscle. BAAAAAADDDDD.

Now its time to enjoy my lunch. Results and Recovery formula, chicken, apple, Mixed nuts and a nature valley granola bar. Is it the perfect lunch….no but it is high is protein low in fat and I’m getting a little bit of sugar for energy in there along with neccessary fats that the body needs to survive. 

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