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If you are working on a budget or just trying to be a little healthier…which would you eat? Cause Ill kill two birds with one stone be healthy and save with Shakeology

If you are working on a budget or just trying to be a little healthier…which would you eat? Cause Ill kill two birds with one stone be healthy and save with Shakeology

Day 10 Recovery and Molbility

My HIP FLEXORS are BRUTAL! haha That was what i figured out form yesterdays workout. my hip flexors are so tight I could barely sit into “frog.” They got more flexible throughout the workout but man was it painful doing the foam rolling then mixing in the Yoga moves to try and stretch them out. All this means is I have to spend more time on my hip flexors whenever I warm up. Or maybe even stretch outside of the workouts to make sure I don’t hurt myself. Even sitting yesterday hurt my hips before I did my Recovery and Mobility then after a few pops a couple “omg that hurts so good” I felt so much better. I didn’t feel 100% but I definitely felt like I had done alot of great things to make sure my body was recovering as it should.

That foam roller I am telling you it is a DREAM! I have the “rumble roller 10000” as Tony likes to call it so many times throughout this first round of videos and man does it get into those places of tension. Those little knots that are there throughout the entire roller just get right into those muscles and give them no choice but to relax and release all the tension. Muscle knots don’t stand a chance. I was having extreme tightness not only in my hip flexors but in my quad as well. So I spent a little bit of extra time within the 25 mins that Tony has us do the stretching and rolling sequence to focus on my hip flexors and my quads. It helped a ton. I felt great at work and was able to walk and move around pretty quickly throughout the day.

Recovery is one of the most important workouts within the weeks of doing any extreme excersize program. If you don’t stretch or have any intention of letting your muscles relax you will just hurt yourself. So make sure you get your rest time in and really enjoy it cause it will allow you to not only feel better but absolutely will increase the amount of work you are able to do in your workouts to come!!!


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Plyocide - Day 9 - I hate it but I love it

This workout is a freakin trip yo! Crazy! In p90X ab ripper when tony horton says “I hate it but I love it.” Thats how I feel about this freakin workout. Plyocide is tough. Really tough. But even with it being so hard I still pushed myself and I had improvement from last week! I finished the whole workout without pausing. Last week I paused at least 3 or 4 times and I couldn’t even do the final workout of set, sprint, plank, plyo, jump. Last week I just ran in place for the final workout and this time I did the whole freakin workout.

I did it at my pace though. When the set was based of time I worked a little bit slower than Tony but when they gave me a set number of reps to do I did every single one! WOO! I am feeling really good. Next week I am going to record my workout so I can go back to it in the final weeks and see how much I have improved. 

After this workout the Results and Recovery drink is FANTASTIC! I love it. It tastes like a creamsicle and makes you feel AMAZING the next day! 

This post is a little short but that is because I’m a little busy.

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Decide Commit Succeed

Today’s workout is tough. It’s Plyocide! WHOAH! Crazy stuff. But the thing that I wanna say before this workout is I wanna tell you about getting up this morning. My alarm went off at 9 I hit snooze. Again at 9:10 and again I hit snooze It goes off at 9:20 and I hit snooze and I find my self just laying there with my eyes open. I said to myself what if I sleep till 11 then do the workout tonight? Good idea right? WRONG! 

I know myself and the other little voice in my head said “Cy you know if you don’t get up right now and do that workout you aren’t going to do it.” I told myself when I started I am not going to miss a workout. I wont do it. I will bring video’s on vacation. I will mix up days but I will do all of my workouts. Decide. 

I have made a promise to myself to be held accountable for everything that I do this year. Through my friends and through myself. This includes P90X2. I need to hold myself accountable and dive into this workout plan to get the results that I want. Once I’m done I need to continue doing workouts…maybe not everyday but every other. Commit.

When I did Insanity I lost 40LBS! WHAT?! When I did INsanity the Asylum I lost 5% body fat. Now I’m back to over 10% body fat and I CANT WAIT to see what my pictures are going to look like at the end of the program. It’s gonna be awesome! Succeed.

X2 Core Day 8

Patience. Practice. Time. When it comes to getting the best results and perfection in workout programs like P90X2 is all about taking your time perfecting the form and being patient with your success. My numbers are not what I was hoping they would be. Especially in this first couple weeks. I was hoping, as many probably do, for high numbers when I first start and for really quick results! Quick results can happen but you have to give them the appropriate time to happen. With P90X and many other Beachbody programs it is about 90 days! Don’t think you can drop 20lbs in a week. If you have all i have to say is EAT! PLEASE! Nutrition as I have said before is a huge part of these programs. That is why shakeology along with the diet and meal plans are there! It is not about eating so little that you exhaust yourself over the coarse of the workouts. You can really hurt yourself if you do that!

So Round 2 of X2 Core was today. My numbers INCREASED! YAY! RESULTS! They didn’t shoot up to crazy numbers but I have gotten stronger over the past week and was able to up my reps to 15 on alot of the excersizes rather than 8 and at the end, this was a huge accomplishment for me, I was able to do 6 ONE LEGGED MED BALL BURPEE’S!!!!!!! SOOOOO PUMPED!!!!! Last week at the end of the workout I did 2. ummmmmm I was dieing. This week I was able to do 6 and i feel great about it!!! I am so happy that my goals are coming along. By the end of the program I want to be able to keep up with Barbie and Tony and do the 12 that they say to do in the video! I am half way there and it is only week 2!! Can I get to 20 by the end of the program??? Time. Patience. Practice. and don’t forget about FORM! 

Form is such a huge key when it comes to staying safe especially when working your core. Alot of you core work hits your lower back and even though your back is the largest muscle in your body it is the weakest! So be VERY careful! 

Have you started your workout program yet? Have you Joined MY team??? and fill out the information ITS FREE!!!!! Find the program that works for YOU!!!! Trust me you wont regret it!

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My internal clock…

Is really pissin me off today! hahaha I wanted to sleep in today and ya know get my day started like I used to at around 11…maybe 12…but no. Not for this guy! My internal clock has now shifted where I can’t sleep past 815! At least today but see what my body doesn’t realize is that I am going to be setting my alarm for the rest of the week! This was your chance body…way. to. go.

Anyway I digress. Today is the second week of P90X2! WOOT WOOT! I am so excited to be continuing the workout and continue my results. Yesterday was recovery day so that is why you did no see a post from me. Normally I would do a stretching or recovery DVD but after an audition I went over to my buddies house for a reading and he has a jacuzzi so you know where I spent 5 hours yesterday. Yep. Pretty Awesome!

I have an audition today…

for a Musical Theater Audition class. I know it’s kind of funny huh? I have to audition for a spot in a class but welcome to Los Angeles everybody! This one is gonna be like one I have never done before though because I have picked two songs to sing and I really enjoy both of them. One is Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi (who is rumored to….still be alive) and the second one was done by Robin Williams in a very popular Disney movie called Aladdin…yes you guessed it Friend Like Me.

I am super excited because these are songs that I sing off the top of my head anyway and thanks to the advice of a great friend of mine that’s how I need to pick my audition songs starting out. Go in and have fun. Don’t look like you are thinking. Just go in and rock it out. As the Genie says…BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOURSELF!

Alright well it’s time to start preparing for this stuff today…oh did I mention that this audition is also for a potential agent….yea. AWESOME! hahaha

Standing “O” for this guy!!

Day 6 Balance and Power along with a little Recovery…

I may sound like a broken record but again Tony Horton really Brings it with Balance and power. There are a lot of surprises in this one when it comes to various moves. Some of the moves we have seen before in P90X but this time they have a nice little bonus that adds a little bit more of a challenge to an already challenging move. It’s really great and makes the workouts alot of fun. 

Throughout these workouts I have been noticing that I end the workout extremely sore and out of breath feeling like I pushed myself to my limit. But then about 15 mins after my workout I feel great! Is this because I am actually in better shape than I thought and I am recovering really quickly or is it because I need to push myself harder? This is something I will have to figure out. So many of the moves in today’s workout I struggled to even make it to 10 reps and would collapse into child’s pose more than once. How am I feeling so good within an hour of the workout. My soreness is going away quicker and quicker every day. This may sounds messed up but I really enjoy the feeling of being sore. I really want it back. I guess in order to do that I will have to push myself just a little further with the next weeks workouts. Which I plan on doing anyway. hmmmmm.

Another big contributor I believe is the Results and Recovery formula. I have only used it briefly before and was not very conscious of my body because it was during the days when I would workout once in a blue moon. Now that I am taking it everyday after every workout that I do I really feel the difference day to day. This is another reason why my body is recovering sooooooo fast, im convinced. After day one of X2 Core I could barely bend over throughout the rest of the day now after Balance and Power and all the other workouts this week I really feel great. We will see what happens as the day progresses. The fact that I am on my feet so much at work will definitely have an effect.

There isn’t alot I can say about the workout other than it really freakin works ya and everyday I feel the “foundation” aspect of this phase coming more and more apparent. P90X2 is ALOT OF FUN! I am really enjoying myself and have found myself laughing at Tony numerous times throughout this first week. It’s always good to find the humor in difficult times no matter what and Tony really is able to find some serious humor while working out. His sister really gives him a run for the money though in this video. Definitely adds to the humor of it all.

As always if you have any questions or comments or wanna find out more Join my team at and find the program that works for YOU!

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Thank you “brocreate” not only was this apple store’s aethetic quality approved…my life this morning is now at an all time high hahaha


so i went to the apple store today and decided to help improve the aesthetic qualities of their products

I will be able to do whatever Ted was doing…

in that freaking X2 Yoga video!!!! That was rediculous! I am convinced that by the time I am finished with X2 I will be able to do a split along with a hand stand. If not convinced that is my goal. I want to be able to do and hold a hand stand for a minuts. No wall…just going into crane then into the handstand. It’s all about setting goals for yourself right? If we didn’t have goals or have something to push ourselves to we would just be kind of…boring.

Day 5 of P90X2 is X2 Yoga. Now again I say this, and I’ve been saying it the past couple posts, if you have not done P90X it will be extremely difficult to keep up with P90X2. This video of Yoga is very fast paced and doesn’t go into the important form points that P90X YogaX does. It is only an hour long and rather than transitioning into balance postures you stick mainly with the sun salutations or venyassas (spelling?). You do a couple balance postures like crane, handstand and bridge but they are integrated within the salutations as one large move. Also you are not holding the salutations like the warriors or half moons as long as you do in P90X. This Yoga is totally different and faster paced. So if you are not experienced in Yoga I suggest doing YogaX or going to a few of your own Yoga classes before attempting X2Yoga.  

Throughout the workout I felt good. Although there were alot of points where I stumbled and fell then had to get right back into it. I have very tight hip flexors (something to workout on my recovery day) so some Yoga moves I am finding hard to stay in for longer periods of time. Even though you may not be exactly in Warrior 3 for very long you are up on your right/left foot with you leg extended behind you for a good amount of time doing very twists and turns. Again…building that foundation…YAY! haha

I am loving this program so far! My energy level and mood are sky high. I am on cloud nine! This whole new years resolution about staying accountable really is amazing! I don’t know how many people are actually reading this blog but this is also really helping me keep myself accountable. Plus it is a great way to keep a journal so in 20 years I can look back and say…wow I really did do that. haha Good times.

How are you doing on your new years resolutions? Are you getting in shape or being better with your finances or whatever you chose to be your resolutions? 

If you are looking to get in shape let me help you do it! Join my team select me as your coach and email me with any questions that you may have!

I am always here to help! 

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